TVL's public inbox

This is the public-inbox for The Virus Lounge. It is essentially like a pull-based mailing list, where we discuss anything related to our software or organisation, as well as receive patches from external users.

Posting to the inbox

Anyone can send messages to the inbox by emailing

Accessing the inbox

There are several ways to access the inbox, depending on what is most convenient for your personal email workflow.

Web browser

Go to /depot/ to read the inbox in your web browser. This is the easiest way to access messages, and with an email client supporting mailto: links you can respond to messages from there, too.


The inbox is available via IMAP:


Port: 993 (TLS enabled)

Inbox: su.tvl.depot.0 (auto-discoverable)

You can use any credentials to log in, for example the username anonymous with the password kittens. The server will just ignore it.

TIP: There is a wrapper script in //tools/fetch-depot-inbox in the TVL depot which you can use to synchronise the maildir to your computer, which works for email clients like notmuch.

Atom feed

An Atom feed is available and should work with your favourite feed reader.


News readers can access the inbox via NNTP:


Port: 563 (TLS enabled)

Group: su.tvl.depot.0 (auto-discoverable)

No credentials are required to access the server.